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When Simon, Jane and Barney go on holiday with the parents to Cornwall, they do no expect anything much to happen. But the discovery of a door behind a cupboard leads them to an ancient map. They instantly realise that it is a treasure map, but can make no sense of it.

But their Great-Uncle Merry can. He reads the Latin which was on the tattered map, and tells them that the map is a set of clues - to find the grail that was hidden about 900 years ago.

But they soon realise that there are other people apart from themselves that know about the map - and there are other people who want the grail...

Reader's Reviews


This was a very exciting book, full of mystery and tension. The beginning was a Narnia style thing; the three children discovered a door behind a wardrobe, and having passed through it they discover a map that is around 900 years old.

I read the whole book in two nights (I am a fast reader) and really enjoyed it. I was led to believe that The Dark Is Rising Sequence was full of magic, but this one certainly wasn't. In fact, the word "magic" was not once mentioned.

An excellent book.


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Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: 11+
  • Reading Aloud Age: 10+

The children are searching for the "grail" which was hidden in Athurian times.

King Arthur and co. come across as real people, once.

It is hinted that the bad guys are being "controlled" by an evil force. But no more than hinted.

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