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In this book Oliver a small boy only eats chips, his granddad sets him a challenge and Oliver begins to enjoy exploring the garden and tatsing new vegetables.

Reader' Review


‘Oliver’s vegetables’ is an colourful heart-warming narrative that promotes healthy lifestyle and family. Oliver at the beginning of the story only enjoys eating chips, when he stays at his gran and granddad’s house this all changes. Granddad sets Oliver a challenge to find the potatoes in his flourished vegetable garden, if he finds a food before that Oliver promised to eat it. This is a great book because Oliver tries new foods and understands how they have grown. The illustration are all painted and are very interesting to look at. Oliver has a strong relationship with his granddad and grandma which is great because I love spending time with mine, it is important to see family as they make you laugh (and they can cook tasty dinners!). Activities that could come from reading this book are growing a vegetable patch, trying the food's Oliver did, painting in the style of Alison Barttlett and the most important spending quality time with family.


‘Oliver’s Vegetables’ is a clever, colourful and encouraging narrative that promotes healthy eating. This book would be great to use at home or in schools to promote healthy eating and especially to encourage those fussy eaters to try something new. At the beginning of the story, Oliver only eats chips, but after a stay at his grandparents and a challenge from his grandfather to find the potatoes in order to eat the chips, we embark on a fun and exciting week with the introduction of different types of vegetables that Oliver tries and loves. The healthy eating and the try it and you may like it approach is embedded throughout the book and provides a clear message to children that just because they have not ate it before; it does not mean that they will not like it. The bold and bright pictures makes the book engaging for all readers and the challenge to find the potatoes and the pact between Oliver and Grandpa creates excitement throughout, with young people guessing what vegetable Oliver might pick next and maybe sparking interest to try the different types of vegetables.

Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: 5-11
  • Reading Aloud Age: 4-11
  • This book is clean from any negative language and is a great read.

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