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This book gives a valuable insight into life growing up just after World War Two and includes an engaging 'facts behind the story' section at the back. With beautiful illustrations, Morpurgo and Foreman make Not Bad For A Bad Lad come to life and interest a wide range of readers.

The story focuses on a grandad telling his grandson about his childhood and when he was a 'bad lad'. After firstly getting into trouble at school and then progressively getting more badly behaved, he is sent to a borstal where, after working with horses and being trusted and guided by Mr Alfie, this 'bad lad' turns his life around. The book shows how a little faith and support for someone can go a long way and highlights how, with enough hard work and commitment, any achievement is possible.

Reader's Reviews

I found this book incredibely engaging and exciting, so much so I read the whole thing in one sitting! It is a real page-turner not only for the story but the fantastic illustrations which go alongside it. The book also gives a dynamic glimpse into the past and the kind of language, concepts and phrases used in the mid-twentieth century ('she shook me till my teeth rattled')!

Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: Age 7+
  • Reading Aloud Age: 8+

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