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My Granny went to Market is a short picture book following granny travel the world on a flying carpet, buying various possessions from many different countries. The book is cleverly done as a counting rhyme, tracking granny’s progress around the world and increasing the number of objects bought as she travels.

Reader's Reviews


The book is full of beautiful, big and bright pictures, drawing the reader’s eye to examine them in more detail. The writing is just as exciting, rich in rhyming, alliteration, interesting words, and introduces foreign words to children, and gives an insight into the different cultures and objects which represent that country. The drawings and rhyme combine to inform children and readers about the beauty of other countries, through the use of language and descriptions of the various objects granny is buying.

This is an excellent book for young children, which can help develop counting as granny takes the reader on an adventure around the world with her. This is both an entertaining and educational book which is fun to count along with whilst beautiful to look at.


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Parental Guidance

  • Brilliant for any age.

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