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Hercule Poirot travels by train in Europe, taking the spot of a traveler who never showed up. Oddly enough, the train had many more passengers than it usually would. The seeming oddity of the many people who didn't first appear to have any connection whatsoever, causes the possibility that they may soon be all connected in death. A man named M. Ratchett, one passenger aboard the train, asks for Poirot to protect him from a possible attack, but Poirot refuses. Ratchett is found dead the next day. A blizzard had caused the train to be delayed, and partly cut off the possibility of the murderer to be an outsider. Poirot and his friends investigate the other passengers, and come up with a startling conclusion.

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There was obviously a murder and a bloody murder weapon. The murder was also caused by a kidnapping and murder in the past. There was also a little language, but it only happened once or twice.

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