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The Big Bad Wolf is a reformed character and has put his days of pig-pestering and grandmother impersonating behind him. The story starts with him preparing a birthday party for Baby Bear. With the help of Grandma Wolf, her recipe books, magazines, the internet and Grandma's favourite TV programme they set about preparing a party to remember.

The Three Bears arrive and everything is set for a splendid party. But who has followed them through the woods but Goldilocks, who is intent on spoiling the party. This time, however, she didn't reckon on Grandma, who has a plan...

Reader's Reviews


My 6 year old son and his friends really enjoyed this book and that was without them understanding the slightly sinister ending. As yet I haven't broken it to them.


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Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: 3-7
  • Reading Aloud Age:

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