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Misery moo

Misery Moo is about a "miserable old cow" who cannot be cheered up despite all of the little lamb's efforts. He tries parties, acrobats and shows misery moo the joys of Christmas, but to no avail. This big wide world is too sad for the cow and her smile keeps on fading. Eventually the lamb can’t take anymore and vows to never see his miserable friend again! But without friendship, love and the happy face of the little Lamb, the world seems even glummer to the cow. Eventually, the friends are reunited and happiness restored with “the biggest, sunniest smile in the whole, wide, wonderful world".

This is a lovely story aimed at younger readers. It will make them smile and laugh whilst teaching children some valuable lessons. We learn how important it is to try and see the positive, even when things seem sad and blue. It also brings to light the importance of friendship and how comforting it is to have someone who cares about you.

Whilst learning to look on the bright side of life, we are also presented with lots of detailed, humorous illustrations. These, combined with a very tender story will keep the reader smiling … even when you feel like a misery moo!

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