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Andi, Tristan and Natalie have just officially started their Pet Finders Club. Tristan's mum's cousin, Christine, has a pet shop named Paws for Thought. She has a 10-year-old golden Cocker Spaniel named Max, who sits lazily in the window all day watching the world go by. But if it's a white van that goes by, Max goes crazy because he thinks Christine is going to take him for a ride, as they remind him of the shop van.

Andi keeps checking her messages for the rest of the week, and is disappointed that no one has called them. She starts to wish that someone would lose their pet. On Saturday morning at breakfast, Judy Talbot takes a call from Christine. After she's put the phone down she turns to Andi and says; "Paws for Thought has been robbed!"

When they get to the pet shop, they see that cages have been upturned, accessories skattered, and worst of all: no Max. Also missing are a family of mice, all the snakes and lizards, a macaw, a gerbil, and a dove-coloured lop-ear rabbit that an eight year old boy called Liam absolutely loved.

At first, Tristan suspects the pet shop's next door neighbour, Mrs. Harper, is the thief. She doesn't like the pet shop as she is afraid that the animals might escape, and she doesn't like the noise when Max starts barking at the white vans. Another suspect is a mysterious lady from the council who goes around wearing sunglasses, even when she's inside. As Andi starts thinking about it more, she thinks there could be another suspect: Liam.

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