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"An American boy goes to live with his grandfather in England where he becomes heir to a title and a fortune."

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The Earl of Dorincourt was a heartless and self-centered man. He had three sons, the first two of which were very disagreeable. The youngest, however, was named Cedric Errol, and he was the handsomest and kindest of the Earl's sons. He was only kept away from his home in England when he married an American woman and had a son, which his father didn't appreciate since he hated Americans. Cedric's son was named after him, and grew up much like him in looks and personality, so he was very lovable. The lack of communication between their family and the Earl meant that Cedric didn't know much about his nobility, though.

The book starts with the older Cedric Errol becoming ill and dying, leaving Mrs. Errol and Cedric all alone. This only left a sad look in Mrs. Errol's eyes ever afterward and nothing else, since Cedric was very caring to her, calling her "Dearest," like his own father would have. Cedric, being the way he is, also made lots of friends, such as Dick, a boot black, and Mr. Hobbs, a grocer.

One day, after Mr. Hobbs told Cedric how he felt negatively about tyrannical earls, Cedric was sent for to be told by Mr. Havisham, the Earl of Dorincourt's lawyer, that Cedric is the new Lord Fauntleroy. The Earl of Dorincourt's two older sons died and had no heirs, so Cedric is the next in line to become an earl upon his grandfather's death. The Earl of Dorincourt still hated Mrs. Errol, but she made sure that her son never knew about it. As a result, all the money and gifts that Cedric starting receiving that were meant to make him forget his mother actually made him love his mother the same and love his grandfather more than ever.

The kind heart of little Lord Fauntleroy caused him to instantly become a philanthropist, as he pays for all the needs of his friends in America and then sees to the needs of his grandfather's tenants in England. The love that he shows his grandfather warms the Earl's cold and irritable heart, and every one concerned is increasingly glad for the boy to be the future Earl of Dorincourt.

However, trouble arises for them all when a woman claims to be the wife of the Earl's eldest son, making her son the real Lord Fauntleroy.

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