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A book in the Old Bear series. When the toys play a game of hife and seek, Little Bear finds a hiding place that is so secret that he disappears!

Jane Hissey is best known for her series of successful children’s books ‘Old Bear and Friends’, which was later made into a TV series, which won a BAFTA. The idea of ‘Old Bear’ comes from Hissey’s childhood, where she was given a toy bear and so she used this as inspiration for her stories. In her books, she introduces lots of different toy characters all possessing a unique personality. 

The series begins as the toys play in the playroom and remember that ‘Old Bear’ disappeared long ago, and was probably put in the loft. They therefore attempt a rescue mission to bring him back down so he can be with all the other toys. They complete their mission and bring him down to the playroom. From this point on, Old Bear becomes the most respected and fearless toy and guides the younger toys on their everyday adventures, acting as their leader.

‘Little Bear Lost’ is one of many in the ‘Old Bear and Friends’ series. In this particular book, Little Bear is playing Hide and Seek with all the toys. The toys’ begin their game of hide and seek but realise they had forget to have a ‘seeker’ in their game and so ask ‘Old Bear’ to be their seeker. Then they realise that they cannot find ‘Little Bear’ anywhere and so go on a mission to find him. When they eventually find him in the picnic basket, having eaten the contents of the basket, the toys all decide to go and enjoy a picnic together in the garden.

All Hissey’s books are lovely, delightful stories that capture children’s imagination. Hissey’s illustrations are delicate and beautiful, filled with detail and the text is easy to read and easy to grasp for small children. Hissey’s stories all encourage a positive outlook on life and touch on different themes such as being loving, caring, polite and kind. Her stories are therefore great for children to learn basic skills and to promote a happy childhood.

The reading age of this series would be 5+ or if being read to, slightly younger.


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A simple story that will delight any young fans of the Old Bear series. Jane Hissey's illustrations are beautifully detailed and the text is nicely readable. It's not really classic literature, but it's warm and friendly, and you can't help feeling good towards Little Bear, Bramwell Brown and the others.


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Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: 5+
  • Reading Aloud Age: 3+


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