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Do you ever have questions, doubts, uncertainties? Do you question whether God even exists?

Isobel Kuhn did. As a young student she had questions and doubts. She even decided to stop reading her bible. Isobel was so confused that she didn't even think life was worth living anymore. All she could do was plead for help from the God that she wasn't even sure existed. "God" she whispered, "if there is a God, if you will prove to me that you exist, and if you will give me peace, I will give you my whole life. I'll do anything you ask me to do, go where you send me, obey you all my days." That was the turing point and from then on Isobel' life changed - from a life of doubt to one of trust in God. And God gave her a real passion for life too. This passion for life even brought her to another continent - to Asia an to th Lisu people. It was Isbol's hope and desire that these people would discover the life and love that she had discouvered in the Lord Jesus Christ. If you are struggling with your own problems and difficulties, read about Isbol's life and discover how God gave her peace and strength.

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