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King of the Cloud Forest- Michael Morpurgo

Age Range- 9-11

Plot Ashley is a young boy whose parents work as missionaries in China. Due to the Japanese invasion Ashley’s father forced Ashley to travel with his Uncle Sung to Nepal, India so that he could return to England.

The journey was hard due to crossing the Himalayas and the Tibetan culture forcing Ashley to disguise his identity. They also had issues with food supplies; it was because of this that Ashley and his Uncle Sung were separated. This is when the real adventure for Ashley begins.

The rest you will have to read for yourself!

Review This book is fantastic I was enthralled. Michael Morpurgo’s writing has a special effect on the reader. It feels as if you are with Ashley and his Uncle Sung on their journey.

The book isn’t simply an adventure book but it covers areas of the curriculum.

Culture and Religion: King of the Cloud Forests talks of many different cultures. There is a lot of information on the Tibetan culture and how Ashley has to adapt to this culture. Michael Morpurgo doesn’t simply stop at talking about the culture of people but talks about the culture of the creature that find Ashley in the Himalayas. The religious aspect is breached because Ashley’s parents are missionaries.

War and History: The book talks about the history of missionaries in China and the Japanese invasion of China. It is focussed on how war separates families.

Geography: There is the basic geography that Ashley and Uncle sung travelled from China to India via the Himalayas. There is also information on the conditions during their adventure including the weather conditions and the topographical conditions.

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