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A wonderful story for younger children supported by amazingly detailed illustrations. Although Katie is growing up on a small Scottish Island and her stories are based on the real life experiences of the author’s life on Coll, she has universal appeal. In this story, Katie accidently breaks her mother’s favourite necklace so is desperate to get to school the next day to fix it. Feeling terrible about the situation, Katie ends up getting in a mood with the Big Boy Cousins and an argument breaks out. The teacher sends them off to work together to solve four riddles which takes Katie to an array of characters all over the Island to complete the task and help her friends forgive her for being grumpy. This story can be used in literacy lessons for a fun example of riddles with the illustrations to aid but it is also an underlying lesson for children in team work and not taking your problems out on other people! I loved this story as a child and it is still loved by young children today.

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