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It contains three of Louisa May Alcott's stories: Kate's Choice, What Love Can Do, and Gwen's Adventures in the Snow.

Kate's Choice

Kate is an orphan with some money. She was told by her father before she was orphaned to visit each of her uncles and their families and choose one family to live with. While each family had their own different reason to want her, she becomes curious to hear about their grandmother. She realizes that some of the children in her family didn't know much about their grandmother and decides to visit her.

Kate goes to where her grandmother lives with her maid, Dolly, and finds that both women are very much alone. She then plans a great Christmas surprise for both of them before revealing her choice.

What Love Can Do

Three neighbors with a healthy amount of money plan a Christmas surprise for the poor Blake family after one of them overhears the Blake girls discussing how sad their own Christmas tree looked. 

Gwen's Adventures in the Snow

Gwendoline, sixteen years old, goes out on a sleigh ride with her friends to their summer house. Once they get there, their sleigh driver, Patrick, loses the horses and has to run after them, leaving the children all by themselves. The children plan out what to do about getting a fire and getting food, but they ultimately realize that they aren't very good at camping out. The boys, for instance, forget to bolt the shed door so that Uncle Ed surprises them by coming into the house from that side instead of the front door, which scares Gwen considerably.

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