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Just William's Luck is a novel in the Just William series, written by Richmal Crompton. Just William's Luck is the only full-length novel in the series; the rest of the book are collections of short stories.

Ginger has a brand new bicycle. Why? Because Hector, his older brother, is getting married. So William's logic whizzes into action. If Ginger got a new bike because his brother is getting married, then... if William, Henry and Douglas get their elder brothers married, they'll get new bikes too! But getting their brothers married is a lot more difficult than William imagined...

Reader's Reviews


Excellent William book. The full-length novel gives a different experience, but it's still really good. And the ending is brilliant!


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Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: 10+
  • Reading Aloud Age: 9+

The hero William Brown does not always do "right" things. He (and his friends) sometimes steal things and tresspass on private property. At one point, they "haunt" a house (breaking in, and then turning on and off lights, etc.)

Despite all this, the story is essentially morally sound. There's a clear sense of right and wrong, and although William and his friends are often in trouble, the book does not really condone the wrong things they get up to.

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