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I came across this book by an American author, Barbara Park, when my children were learning to read. My kids borrowed it from their American friends as they all loved it. It is the first in a series. They were enthused to read them all over and over again. It was a case of not being able to put them down! This is an early reader chapter book which is great to read out loud, with quirky black and white line drawings adding to its character. The main character is a full of fun, five year old girl, Junie B. Jones, starting school for the first time. The book is written from her perspective and she has funny misconceptions about life and school but ones which resonate with the lives of five, six and seven year olds. She gets into all sorts of pickles. The themes addressed can be reassuring to this age group as they may recognise similar confusions, fears and difficulties in school life but they are all dealt with in the book with humour. Junie B. Jones has a distinctive voice which makes her character come alive and the dialogue appeals to both adults, boys and girls. Junie B. is not a girly girl! My children and I find myself laughing out loud at some of her speeches and descriptions. ‘Then I washed my hands at the sink. And I looked in the mirror. And the gold star was still on my forehead! It looked very beautiful up there!’

Junie B Jones is zany and fun!!!


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