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Dame Jacqueline Wilson is a very popular and prolific writer for children, who is also very active in the promotion of literacy and children's literature. Her books generally deal with everyday life, with children facing challenging situations such as adoption, divorce, bereavement and mental illness. Several have been adapted for television.

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‘It’s my life and it hasn’t been very special so far, has it...’

From the very opening pages of Jacqueline Wilson’s The Story of Tracy Beaker it is clear that protagonist – 10 year old Tracy – is going to tell us exactly how she feels and what it is really like to be a child in care. Tracy has been in care for most of her life yet maintains a firm belief that her real Mum (whom she glamorises throughout) will someday come back for her. But in the meantime she is stuck in the ‘Dumping Ground’ where she shares a Birthday (and even worse, a Birthday cake!) with ‘dopey Peter Ingram’. Wilson cleverly crafts the narrative in a way that makes us feel charmed by Tracy from the offset: The entire book is written in the first person and has an almost autobiographical feel to it. As such, we as readers are privy to an immensely heart-warming account of Tracy’s life the hardships she has to face, such as being ‘turfed out’ by every foster family to date.

The intelligence of Wilson’s writing lies in her ability to craft The Story of Tracy Beaker in to a book which, despite the far-from-idyllic life of its lead character, is actually a very uplifting, humorous and enjoyable tale. The imagination that Wilson showcases through Tracy’s character is incredibly inspiring and as such is a perfect text for children – specifically Upper Key Stage 2 children - to engage with. From it they could draw a real understanding of the value of imagination in writing/reading. The autobiographical framework of the book might even be something that could be used in an English lesson; perhaps pupils could have a go at writing their own life stories! I thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend it as one of Jacqueline Wilson’s most important contributions to Children’s Literature.

By: Rosie Blocksidge


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Parental Guidance

Often controversial subject matter, raising issues children may want to discuss.

List of books

For a full list of her books, see Fantastic Fiction.

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