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Mickey's sleep is interrupted by a loud noise from downstairs, Suddenly he begins to fall, his clothes disappear, and float down into a world called the "Night Kitchen".

He falls into a giant bowl of cake batter which three identical bakers mix for the "morning cake". Mickey pops out of the mix and claims he is not the milk. To make uo for the ingredient Mickey (now covered in batter from the neck down)  makes a plain out the mix, takes their measuring cup, and flies to a large bottle of milk. He dives into it and the batter disintergrates from his body. He then pour needed milk into the concauction and the bakers finish the cake.

As dawn approaches Mickey crows like a rooster and slides down the bottle to magically return to his bed. Everything is normal beyond the happy expierience.

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This book is one of Maurice Sendak's most controversial books due to Mickey's nudity and swimming in milky fluids. It was ranked 25 on the "100 Most frequently Challenged Books of 1990-2000".

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