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Please note that this "book" is a DVD, including an on-screen picture book. It is not a physical book.

How to Get a Grandpa to Grow Up is a DVD "book" written by Linnea Cohn and Sarah Alfaro. It is the second DVD in the Trisket and Bisket series.

What do you do when your grandpa is acting like a bigger kid than you? Find out in this adventure, as Trisket and Bisket show you How to Get a Grandpa to Grow Up! An entertaining way for kids to learn about the upside of eating their veggies and picking up their toys.

Super Fun World's "Books In Action" are a category of kids' entertainment that bring books and animation together onto a DVD. In addition to the animated movie, the DVD features an on-screen picture book where your children can choose to read along by themselves or have Trisket and Bisket read to them. The DVD also features a "Find it" game sure to inspire the detective in all of us!

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Parental Guidance

  • Viewing (or "reading") Age: 3+


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