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“Hooray for Harry” by Kim Lewis

Hooray for harry is all about an elephant called Harry who has lost his favourite colourful blanket. It’s only when he wants to go for an afternoon nap that he realises his blanket has disappeared. In the story Harry has two close friends Ted the teddy bear and Lulu the sheep. All three friends search everywhere by remembering what they did last each time with the blanket. Eventually, Harry remembers that he and his friends had used the blanket as a picnic mat and got it sticky so they washed it and put it out to dry. They all dashed to the washing line and there it was, Harry found his favourite soft blanket and they all went back into the bedroom for an afternoon nap.

This book is brilliant for children who are in foundation stages and KS1. The book has very large picture and it uses real life characters that the children will be familiar with. The characters Ted the teddy bear, Lulu the sheep and Harry the elephant are all depicted with the right colours and you can also see the texture of the characters through the pictures. The language and vocabulary used is basic so the children can understand.

The story is not difficult to understand because most children do have something which is sentimental to them. In this instance it was the blanket for Harry. Similarly, a child can relate their sentimental object to the story and make comments about why they thought it was important for Harry to find his blanket. The story ends on a positive high because Harry does find his blanket after looking for it. This would give children a sense of satisfaction that if you lose things you can find it if you try hard to look for it.

Finally the story depicts a notion of friendship and unity. Harry’s friends Ted and Lulu had helped Harry find his blanket. They were both the perfect friends for Harry and so was Harry beacsue he let them use his blanket to make a tent, a boat and used it as a picnic mat. Together they found it and enjoyed their afternoon nap together with Harry’s blanket.


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