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Hairy Maclary's old enemy Scarface Claw gets stuck up a tree. Hairy Maclary and all the other dogs hear "the terrible sound that echoes around: WROW-OW-OW-OW-W-W-W" and they all set off to investigate...

Reader's Reviews


This is one of the best Hairy Maclary books, I think. It's great fun to read aloud, because you can make a meal of the poor cat's yowling and all the different dog barks. As ever, Lynley Dodd's rhyming text is delightful.


The Hairy Maclary books are without exception outstanding, and this is probably the best of them all. The rhymes just beg to be read aloud, and doing so gives equally as much pleasure to me as it does to my 4-year-old son. The level is brilliantly judged, with the bulk of the text easily accessible to the young reader but the occasional really tough word slipped in where the meaning can be readily deduced from the context (you could hear the CACOPHONY all over town!).


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Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: 5+
  • Reading Aloud Age: 3+


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