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Haffertee Hamster Diamond is a Chapter book written by Janet and John Perkins and published in 1977.

Haffertee is a soft-toy hamster. Ma Diamond made him for her little girl, Yolanda (Diamond Yo), when her real pet hamster died.

In this book - the first of the Haffertee stories - Haffertee meets his great friend Howl Owl, the Diamond family, and some of the strange and amusing characters who share their home. He learns how he was made - and why.

The charm of the stories lies in the funny, lovable character of Haffertee himself, and in the special place God has in the affections of Diamond You and her family.

There are four Haffertee books in this series. Each contains ten short stories, ideal for bedtime reading or reading aloud, and beautifully illustrated by Gillian Gaze.

Reader's Reviews


I remember reading Haffertee with my family when I was younger. We had lots of fun listening to all his great adventures! (Olivia age 15)


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Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: 7+
  • Reading Aloud Age: 6+


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