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Goose Eggs is a children's picture book written by E. J. Taylor and published in 1984.

Miss Biscuit is a retired nanny. Violet Pickles and Ruby Buttons are two very special rag dolls who live with her in Ivy Cottage. Ruby loves all creatures - from geese to frogs - but Violet is less than pleased when her friend turns their bedroom into a home for sick animals.

Reader's Reviews


This is funniest of all the series Biscuit, Buttons and Pickles. Violet is really scared of animals but when their goose gets ill and Violet won't let her into their house, she feels really sorry later as the goose has to be taken into the house at night. Violet goes into the deep, dark wood and tries to conquer her fears. This book is really really good about how someone can conquer their fears by something happening. This book is fantastic, go and read it! (Olivia age 15)


This is another delightful read from E. J. Taylor. Ruby has taken to keeping animals of all sorts in the rag dolls' bedroom but Violet refuses. One night it rains and Hannah the goose has eggs in her nest next to the river. Violet is shocked that Ruby wants to take Hannah and her eggs upstairs in the bedroom. Hannah catches a cold and Violet saves the day. (Sapphire age 11)


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Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: 7+
  • Reading Aloud Age: 6+


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