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I grew up reading the Frog and Toad books and loved the adventure and humour, which filled each story.

The Frog and Toad series, written and illustrated by Arnold Lobel, are excellent books for young readers. Each book consists of five short stories about the adventures of two good friends. The stories centre around their different personalities, with Toad being somewhat pessimistic and not always ready for the challenges presented by their friendship; while Frog strives to motivate Toad and engage him in a variety of activities. There is a healthy educational aspect to the books, for example in ‘Spring’ where Toad refuses to get out of bed until ‘half past May’ clearly introducing the issue of hibernation – which would make for an interesting talking point.

The stories are short and simple but written in a very sweet and engaging style. The words are clear and suitable for young readers, yet they tell a story with an amusing message. In particular each story is filled with conversation between the friends and this represents early introduction to speech marks and other punctuation. The drawings add to the charm of these books and help to engage children throughout.

I think the stories are entirely suitable for early years up to the age of six, for either individual or collective reading.

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