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Franklin has recently become a big brother and loves taking care of his little sister Harriet, but sometimes having a little sister can be a real pain. When his stuffed dog, Sam, ends up in Harriet's crib, he reluctantly agrees to let her sleep with him. He is shocked, however, when Harriet wants to keep Sam for her own the next morning! The two end up in a tussle and Franklin reclaims Sam for his own and starts giving Harriet the cold shoulder. Can Franklin ever forgive his little sister?

Reader's Reviews


A tender story of the ups and downs of a sibling relationship. Franklin is familiar character to readers of children's literature and readers will enjoy this story of him and his little sister. Brenda Clark's detailed illustrations bring life to every page, making this one a true classic. Viewers of the Franklin television series will recognize familiar themes from the special Franklin's Magic Christmas. - ProfessorTofty

Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: Ages 4+ for reading own one's own
  • Reading Aloud Age: Ages 2+, suitable for any who can understand, clean

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