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Everyone is excited about Valentine's Day at Franklin's school, but Franklin is very upset when he gets to school only to find that he's missing his Valentines. He's sure that everyone will be upset with him for not having any Valentines for them, but his friends console him and want to give him Valentines anyway. When Franklin finds his Valentines in the mud on the way home from school, he realizes that he can't give his friends Valentines anymore, but comes up with an idea for a great new holiday.

Reader's Reviews


This is a tender story, not just about a holiday, but about friendship as well. Franklin is portrayed with the true emotions of a kid as he discovers what happened with his Valentines, but his friends are there to support him. Franklin's solution to his problem is a wonderful idea. - ProfessorTofty

Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: Ages 4+ for reading own one's own
  • Reading Aloud Age: Ages 2+, suitable for any who can understand, clean

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