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For as long as Franklin can remember, he has always had the same friends, so he's never really thought about the idea of making a new friend. When a family of moose move next door to Franklin and his family, his mother tells him that he needs to be nice, but Franklin isn't so sure. Moose is very big, and he's happy with the friends he has. Even so, Franklin's teacher, Mr. Owl, assigns Franklin to be Moose's buddy. Franklin is reluctant, being scared of Moose's large size, but Mr. Owl helps Franklin to see that Moose is just as scared, being the new kid in school.

Reader's Reviews


This story covers an idea not often covered in children's literature-- how someone who already has a lot of friends since early childhood can make a new one. Franklin's fear of Moose's large size is completely believable and the story does a good job of showing Moose as a scared new kid who could really use a friend. Moose shows up from time to time in later Franklin books-- it's just a shame that the Franklin TV show didn't carry the same idea and instead eliminated Moose after only one appearance. - ProfessorTofty

Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: Ages 4+ for reading own one's own
  • Reading Aloud Age: Ages 2+, suitable for any who can understand, clean

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