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Foundation and Empire is a science fiction novel, written by Isaac Asimov. It was published second in the Foundation series, after the original book, Foundation. The book contains two novellas, both originally published in Astounding Science Fiction magazine.

The book starts where Foundation left off, continuing to follow the story of Hari Seldon's Foundation. In Foundation it was told how the Foundation rose by degrees to become the dominant power in its region of the Galaxy. Bel Riose, a General of the Empire, wants respectable military success: and there's only one way he can get that – by taking the Foundation. The Foundation's next danger that it must face is the final lash of the dying Empire...

Reader's Reviews


A very good story, continuing the story of Foundation. It isn't as good as that, mainly because the longer stories don't seem to work so well as the short stories in Foundation. I also thought that the end was too obvious. However, still a good book.


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Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: 14+
  • Reading Aloud Age: 13+

The Mule, a villain, is a "mutant" who can control people's minds.

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