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Michael Morpurgo’s Farm Boy is a tale of friendships and their ability to overcome any situation, no matter how difficult it may be. The book describes the relationship between a boy and his Grandfather, their interest in the story of Joey and the revealing of a secret which has been hidden for many years.

Joey is the last plough horse on the family’s farm where he is treasured by the Grandfather as a young boy. First, they are separated by the outbreak of war. Joey is sold to the British cavalry and, despite being just a young teenager, the Grandfather joins the army vowing to find and bring him home safely. The second story sees the friends take on the power and speed of a tractor in a ploughing competition. With their chances of success looking lost, they help each other through an exciting finale.

Throughout these we are unaware of the Grandfather’s secret. Although he can recall the stories from memory, he cannot read. The Grandson decides to teach him, but can he help his Grandfather learn how to read a book by his favourite author?

The book’s exciting storyline and fun sketches make it an easy and enjoyable read for children between the ages of eight and ten. Have you helped or been helped by friends and family through difficult times? If so, you’ll be able to relate to the experiences of the story and if not, it will help you learn who you can turn to when you most need help.


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