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The second of R. Dragon's Adventures.

It was nearly the end of Sue's second holiday in Cornwall, where her good friend R. Dragon had lived ever since the days of King Arthur.

The green dragon was very sad to think Sue was going so soon. She was the very first human friend he had had for hundreds of years, and he was going to miss her. Then he had an idea - he would visit Sue in her home in St Aubyns.

But Sue was worried about it. How would he get there? It was certainly too far for him to fly. And where could he live? Not in her little house, for sure. Well, one way or another R. Dragon got over all these difficulties, and he was soon nicely settled on an island in St Aubyns, and was even invited to take the star part in the local pageant. Everything, in fact, was going beautifully - until wicked Mr. Bogg and Mr. Snarkins began to plot against him.

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The second of R. Dragon's Adventures is another brilliantly funny adventure.


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