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A boy named Dave has a dog teddy called Dogger. It is his favourite teddy and he looks after him well and takes him everywhere. Dave takes Dogger with him to go and pick up his older sister, Bella, from school. That evening Dave couldn’t find Dogger so the whole family searched for him around the house. They couldn’t find him so Bella let him sleep with one of her teddies, but it wasn’t the same. The family then went to the school summer fair. Dave found Dogger on a stall, but by the time he went to go and get some money to buy Dogger a girl had bought him. Dave got upset. Bella then swapped a big teddy she had won for Dogger. Dave was very grateful and happy again.

I thought the book was very well illustrated and an enjoyable book. It is good to read and understand Dave’s thoughts and feelings. It can be used in Literacy and it can be used in topics such as lost and found.

Readers Review

Dogger was written by Shirley Hughes in the late 1970s. The story describes a cuddly toy named Dogger, who belongs to a boy called Dave. Dogger appears to be an old toy, but he is Dave’s favourite. Sadly, Dave loses Dogger and it is up to his big sister to save the day and to get Dogger back.

This story is a simple story of sibling love, and highlights the lengths a sibling will go, to ensure their brother or sisters happiness. The book is beautifully illustrated, which brings the story to life and promotes engagement for young children. The moral of the story is to emphasise how kind it is to do something for someone else. Additionally, it also demonstrates how it may feel when you lose something special and valuable to you, which could be a starting point for a discussion with young children.

This book would be suitable for young children aged approximately 3–5 years old. It could also be used with children slightly older if you were considering talking about feelings or morals hidden within stories.

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