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Danny the Champion of the World is a children's fiction book by popular british author Roald Dahl. It is a story about a young boy and his relationship with his father, living in a gypsy caravan on the outskirts of a small village. His father runs a car garage repairing cars and selling petrol to the local community.

As with many of Dahls books the plot line is relatively simple, the pair lead a simple but happy life, where Danny is taught many skills by his father rather than in school. The story progresses where Danny finds his father missing one night and confronts him upon his return. It turns out that Danny's Father is a casual poacher, poaching presents from the rich local brewers land.

This book is one of my favourites, Dahl crafts a fairly simple story where the characters and themes move the book forward. The plot is relatively simple, but the characters are deep, engaging and the overall effect is to read on.

The language used within the book is excellent and the use of Quentin Blake's pictures portray this well. They inspire the imagination and bring you deep into the story and make you feel as you have known Danny and his father for years.

Many of Dahl's opinions and experiences are portrayed in his books, such as his love of poaching, and although he never actually poached anything, the experience deeply affected him. He also uses experiences from his own village life in Great Missenden for ideas within the book.

I would see this book being aimed at ages 8 to 11, but use this guideline loosely as the story could be suitable for any age as this book, like so many of Dahls books, would develop childrens love of reading. This has proved to do so many times, with many of his books appearing on best of lists regularly since their publication.

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