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Wendy McCormick’s story, Daddy Will You Miss Me, is one that addresses the emotions and feelings a young boy feels when his father leaves him to go Africa for four weeks. Using the first person narrative of the young boy, McCormick is able to create added emotion and empathy from the reader, making the story that more powerful. While the story is short and simple, McCormick is able to convey a story that both children and adults can relate to. In the story McCormick addresses the themes of feeling lost and alone, missing a parent, and the closeness of a son and father relationship. These themes and ideas are captured and emphasised in the beautiful, and almost lyrical, text that she presents and the love between the father and boy is celebrated. It is this beautiful and lyrical text that is the thing that most stands out for me from the story and the close bond of the father and son that it creates. McCormick is able to not only describe with great detail the scenes before and after the father leaves and the conversations had between the boy and his dad, but what the boy does while his father away; collecting things in his special box that he think his father would like to see when he returns. With this, McCormick is beautifully and creatively able to portray that people are always in our hearts and minds, even when they are far away in reality. McCormick worked really well with the illustrator, who used soft focused pictures that compliments the emotional story beautifully. The sadness of the child is really presented in the illustrations, and showing his face in almost every page, the author clearly wanted the boy’s sad face to play on the emotions of the reader.

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