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The story is based on the idea of a weird and wonderful tea party taking place on the planet of Zum Zee where aliens come from all their home planets bringing with them imaginative foods as an offering to the party. All the aliens are described in detail along with their unique dishes with great illustrations of what we may imagine them to look like. The twist to the story is one little alien who arrives slightly late to the party and brings a jelly like dish that no one is sure about and no one is willing to try. The overall reading of the book is in itself interesting as the text is written not only in straight lines but in whirling shapes that force the reader to turn the book which always adds to a more interesting read for children.



Key social issues such as friendship and feelings

Moral: not being judgemental

Follow On Activities:

There are many directions that can be taken from this book, for starters; imaginative description writing. Getting children to write their own descriptions of dishes they would bring to the party perhaps with illustrations would encourage imaginative writing and a development of descriptive vocabulary. Another direction it could take is to talk about trying new foods and not being put off by appearance or smell which could then lead to a cookery session. My last suggestion for a follow up session of this story would be a circle time activity about feelings and discussing why it wasn’t kind of the aliens to have said horrible things and what they should have done in that situation and then relate it back to real life situations.

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The book ‘come to tea on planet zum zee’ is an absolutely fabulous book complete with beautiful illustrations.


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