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Five Minutes Peace - Jill Murphy A childhood classic, ‘Five Minutes Peace’ is a story that never seems to pass a generation. The greatest aspect of the story is that it is so diverse that it can be read to extremely young babies, or can even be read to a grown-up by a child as they progress with their reading skills. As a winner of the Smarties Book Prize & The Sheffield Children’s Book Award - it is clear to see that ‘Five Minutes Peace’ does not lack supporters that truly adore the storybook.  Five Minutes Peace is a beautifully written and illustrated book for young children aged 0-5. As part of ‘The Large Family’ collection by Jill Murphy, ‘Five Minutes Peace’ tells the story of Mrs Large. All Mrs Large really seems to wish for in live, is just a little peace and quiet for a few moments to escape. However, Mrs Large has a family of small elephant babies, and they truly have a very different idea of what peace and quiet means. The story begins with the elephant babies having breakfast, which is described as being “not a pleasant sight”. Seeing the disorder in her kitchen, Mrs Large decides to gather a breakfast tray and sneak away to the bathroom for a little peace. As Mrs Large tries to slip away with her tea, a leftover cake, some toast and the newspaper her children soon discover what she is up too…  Mrs Large  is in for a surprise when her children seem to want to follow her everywhere she goes, even trailing after her up the stairs as she heads for a relaxing bubble bath. When she finally manages to get in her bath, it is heavenly - until her children come in and bother her by playing recorders, reading books and filling the bath with toys! In the end, all of the children clamber into Mrs Large’s bath in such a hurry that one elephant even forgets to remove his pyjamas! Will Mrs Large ever get any peace and quiet?! 

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