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A featured article is an article that is deemed to be of a sufficient quality to be featured. Users can vote for and against whether articles should be featured at Children's Books Wiki:Featured article/2009. The criteria for an article to be featured is as follows:

  • at least 5 reader's reviews
  • a good, well written, long enough description, including both information and the beginning of the plot
  • an infobox with all possible fields filled in
  • good parental guidance
  • in at least two categories
  • at least one link to another book in the "if you like this you might like" section
  • an image of the book's cover(s)
  • complies with Children's Books Wiki's Manual of Style
  • well referenced, where necessary

If an article is up to all this, it can go onto the featured candidates page (which can be found here. Then, if at least two users give it the nod of approval, it is featured. It will then go onto the list to go onto the main page.

Any user can call for an article's status as featured to be reviewed. If at least two users review it and decide it is no longer up to scratch, its featured book status will be taken away.

You can call for a review of any current featured article by putting the request on the following link: Children's Books Wiki:Featured article/Featured article review/2009

All featured articles can be found at Category:Featured articles.

This is not be confused with Featured reviews which are a separate thing.

Currently there are 2 featured articles on this wiki.

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