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Catherine Farnes is an American author of literature primarily for young adults. She has published 9 books; 7 of them through Bob Jones University Press . Catherine holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English/Theater Arts from Eastern Montana College. Catherine is an albino.[1] Albinism is defined as " is a defect of melanin production that results in little or no color (pigment) in the skin, hair, and eyes." Albinos have white skin and hair and their eyes appear as purple or pinkish-red. Also, albinos have very poor eyesight and are usually considered legally blind. Catherine writes about her experiences through her character Stephanie Teale in her novel Snow. Catherine was saved at the aged of nineteen and felt the call to write and to help others with albinism. She lives in Montana with her husband and four children.

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  • Reading age: 12+
  • Read aloud age: 10+

Catherine's books are clean.

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  1. Christian Book Previews – biography of Catherine Farnes

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