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Black Dolly: the story of a junk cart pony is a picture book written and illustrated by Charles Keeping. It was first published in the UK by Brockhampton Press in 1966, and was also published in the USA by World Publications under the title Molly o' the Moors: the story of a pony. It tells the story of a black pony, from her foalhood in the county, to being put to work pulling a junk cart in the city, until, too old and tired to work, she is put out to pasture. It is illustrated with lithographic prints.

Like Shaun and the Cart-Horse, another picture book by Keeping, the book was inspired by a mare Keeping had known as a child who had been sold to a disreputable carter who overworked her. Keeping originally proposed a version of the book to his more usual publisher, Oxford University Press, who rejected it as too bleak and pessimistic. It was ultimately published by Brockhampton with a happier ending.

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