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Excitement is coming to the town of Wemmicksville: a famous Maple named Bess Stovall is truly the most famous Wemmick and is coming to create a Wonderful Wemmicks Club. Once she is there, however, she starts to cause others to notice what type of wood they are made of, causing them to look down on others that are made from different wood. Based on what she said, maple is the best and willow is the worst. Punchinello happens to be a willow, and everyone begins to look down on him, even his best friend Lucia (because she is a maple). Eli the woodcarver, who created the Wemmicks, talks to Punchinello and Lucia and tells them that he chose what they were made of for a specific reason, fixing their friendship. Bess Stovall has something coming, though, and with her in danger everyone learns the benefit of being made out of willow.

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