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Bad Girls is a story told from the perspective of Mandy (a 10 year old girl) who is being picked on at school by 3 girls in her class. This bullying culminates in her running in front of a bus to escape the three bullies after school. Fortunately Mandy just has a sprained wrist but following the event Mandy’s mum goes in to school and asks the Head teacher to tackle the bullying. This only ensures the bullying takes a different form. Meanwhile, Tanya moves in to the house opposite Mandy as she is being fostered by the family there. Tanya is funny and feisty girl who has had a tough time in the past. They become best of friends; although Mandy’s mother is not keen on the friendship fearing Tanya will be a negative influence. The story then follows Mandy’s and Tanya’s friendship and how this affects the bullying Mandy is experiencing at school.

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  • Reading Age: 8-11
  • Reading Aloud Age: 8-11

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