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Ten different people are accused of murder but each one couldn't be caught by the law for various reasons...

Eight of them are told to meet on Indian Island, and there they meet the other two, who are hired servants of Mr. U. N. Owen. This unknown man is the owner of the island and the one that called them all there. None of them have actually met him. Along with the servants and fully supplied house, are ten Indian dolls in one room and a copy of the Ten Little Indian poem in every room. After dining, they all hear a record that points out their crimes, causing several of them terror and beginning the murders.

Each murder follows the poem closely and in order. As the number of people gets smaller and smaller, the ones left fear each other more and more. They had already searched to find that they were the only ones there, so the murderer had to be one of them. Oddly though, the women both felt a presence near them at their deaths, even when one of them was seemingly the only person left on the island. Someone had to have neatly pushed the chair back after the last person committed suicide...

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People were murdered one by one by poison, shots, drowning, crushing, hanging, etc. and there was a lot of psychological suspense. About three of the characters used language at some point.

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