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Grace's story is a stunningly simple and explores how a child’s imagination sees to the heart of story. Children will enjoy this book because it is focusing around school and home lifestyle. Illustrations complement text perfectly and written in a simple way, straightforward and sensitive. The book demonstrates in both pictures and text. The flow of the text is pitched for all kinds of audience, children and adults. This book is about a strong young girl, and her interest in stories. She loves stories of all kinds and enjoys pretending to be character from the book. Grace enjoys spending time with her Nana (grandmother) and loves hearing stories from her. Grace is a very strong girls and confident. Grace has a creative mind and enjoys role playing characters from the variety of books she has read. Grace wants to be Peter Pan in the school play but classmates say she can't be because she's a girl and she's black. Grace is little upset and her Ma is angry but Nana knows that Grace can succeed if she wants to. Grace shines at the auditions and gets the part.

The book demonstrates in both pictures and text, that there are plenty of new, positive roles and opportunities in today’s diverse families. The flow of the text is pitched for all kinds of audience, children and adults. This book throws light on understanding of discriminatory behaviours and stereotyping gender roles and urges children to think about their feeling and others. Children will enjoy this book, because it deals with sexism and racism with very young children, it offers a valuable starting point for classroom discussion of unacceptable behaviours. It reflects multicultural concept and will be ideal book to promote positive images of ethnic groups.

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Amazing Grace is an amazing and interesting story and very suitable to use for many areas of learning within classrooms.


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