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Did you know that aliens are fascinated with underpants, your underpants? This adventure sees aliens coming to earth to steal under pants as they do not have any of their own in space. They locate washing lines full of underpants, and yes, – they could be in your back garden. Aliens love all sorts of underpants – brightly coloured pants, “granny’s spotted bloomers” mum’s knickers and your pants! The aliens have so much fun trying the underpants on and playing games using the elastic to “ping” off. However, if you have ever wondered why you have never seen this activity, it is because aliens whizz back to space as soon as a human appears. But, check your underpants before putting them on... This very funny book will have young children giggling all the way through. The poetry is easy to recite as the rhythm is uncomplicated and the wonderfully bright and comical illustrations by Ben Cort bring the aliens’ story to life in a descriptively visual way. Although aimed at younger children this book can be enjoyed by children of all ages(and adults) as it offers inspiration for creative writing, poetry and links to D&T, with children designing their own underpants for their class washing line. If you enjoy reading this book (which I am sure you will), there are other titles such as “Aliens love Panta Claus” and “Aliens in Underpants save the World” by the same author that will give you just as much pleasure.


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