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A Day with Wilbur Robinson is a 1990 children's picture book (slightly expanded for a 2006 reissue) written and illustrated by William Joyce. A film adaptation called Meet the Robinsons was released by Walt Disney Pictures in 2007 in the United States.


A Day With Wilbur Robinson follows the story of a boy who visits an unusual family and their home. While spending the day in the Robinson household, Wilbur's best friend joins in the search for Grandfather Robinson's missing false teeth and meets one wacky relative after another.

Cast of Characters

  • Wilbur Robinson is a 13 year old boy who, with his friend, searches his home for Grandfather Robinson's teeth. in the process Wilbur makes Lewis meet his family.
  • Lewis is Wilbur Robinson's 12 year old best friend. He visits the home of his best friend and spends all day there. He joins in the search for Grandfather Robinson's missing false teeth and meets all the Robinson relatives.
  • Mr. Robinson
  • Mrs. Robinson
  • Carl the Robot
  • Cousin Gaston
  • Cousin Billie
  • Uncle Judlow
  • Cousin Tallulah
  • Cousin Lazslo
  • Grandfather Robinson
  • The Jazz Frog Band
  • The Family Dog
  • Uncle Art Robinson

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Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: 4 - 8 years
  • Reading Aloud Age: 4 - 8 years

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