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A Bed of Your Own is a picture book, written and illustrated by Mij Kelly and Mary McQuillan, and published in 2011.

The book tells the story of Suzy Sue, who is trying to get to sleep. She finds she is struggling as there is a cow in her bed; and a horse; and a sheep; and finally a goat! It follows their journey to find a way to all get to sleep.

Reader's Reviews


The book is very well presented, with bright, colourful pictures that illustrate the story effectively. I particularly liked the presentation of the text, with different sized words to emphasise the key themes. It is effective for reading aloud to children as they can join in with the large words. I also thought the story was nice for children as it teaches about the different animals’ homes, as well as being a lovely story. The text is effective as it has alliteration, rhyme and assonance, which are part of the National Curriculum for children. This book is a great bedtime story as the theme is set at bedtime; however it could also be used in the classroom for teaching English and as a story.


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Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: 5+
  • Reading Aloud Age: 4+

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